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Apps You Must Have Before You Die

10 Mar

Google has lots of apps and that’s why I love Android ..  But it makes the choice harder. So I decided to write a few apps that I like..

Here the list of my favourite apps:

TuneIn Radio Pro

Clean Master






For English Learners:


Sounds: The Pronunciation App


IELTS Skills


Chambers Dictionary

1 App for Fun -)

Harlem Shake Creator Pro

If you have any suggestion, please add them to your comments 🙂


A great application !

7 Jun

Here is my new post about Android platform.
Are you bored with unwanted with lots of running applications?
Do you want to improve your phone performance?

I’ve a suggestion you about how to fix this big&boring problem. Advanced task killer! Kill unwanted tasks, or let Advanced Task Killer kill them automatically!

It is a tool to kill applications running. -Ignore List-One tap widget-Auto kill-Customize item heightATK is often used to kill app and clean memory. We do suggest people use ATK manually kill apps instead of auto killing app.
What’s new in this version: Mini bug fix

What is the ROM?

18 Jan

The ROM is the memory within the phone or tablet that’s used to run the base device. It consists of the code that boots the device and runs it as it relates to its hardware.

For example, the ROM will contain code that tells the phone’s GPS or WiFi chip how to behave. ROM is distinct from Apps, which aren’t hard-coded into the phone’s operating system .

Although Apps also tell the chips what to do, they’re less rigid in their approach and can be customized more easily by the end-user through UIs. ROM is also distinct from RAM (Random Access Memory) that can be written to.

ROMs are loosely related to one or more of four areas: Speed enhancement; customizing the look and feel; bug fixes not supplied by the phone company or manufacturer; and pre-official ports of operating systems, just for the hell of it.