[Quick Tips #1] Windows 10 Connection Drop After Update

31 Aug

Hi everyone! Here how I solved my connection drop problem after switching to Windows 10. This will be my first “Quick Tips” post!

Screenshot - 31.8.2015 , 13_52_02 Screenshot - 31.8.2015 , 13_53_44Screenshot - 31.8.2015 , 13_55_37Screenshot - 31.8.2015 , 13_57_50
How I Solved #1

Apps You Must Have Before You Die

10 Mar

Google has lots of apps and that’s why I love Android ..  But it makes the choice harder. So I decided to write a few apps that I like..

Here the list of my favourite apps:

TuneIn Radio Pro

Clean Master






For English Learners:


Sounds: The Pronunciation App


IELTS Skills


Chambers Dictionary

1 App for Fun -)

Harlem Shake Creator Pro

If you have any suggestion, please add them to your comments 🙂

NASA – A Human Adventure (The Exhibition)

23 Sep

Now you can visit NASA ‘s A Human Adventure Exhibition ! 

It has been opened in Istanbul Marmara Forum-Expo Center . You can find more information from this page :



If you decided to visit there, let me know. Maybe I can help you there 😉  


Opps, there is one thing more: Do not forget to take your camera with you 🙂Nasa - Marmara Forum